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Actively seeking a job? Or just need a bit more practice so you can move on with your life? This option is for you.





Perfect for masters students, undergrads or passive job seekers. A 50% cheaper option compared to our monthly subscription.


Sort Questions by Frequency

Zero in on the most frequently asked quant finance questions from our growing internal database.

Access to Premium Questions

Get access to all 103 premium questions and get your ideal job.

Filter Questions by Firm

Find out which firms asked which questions to better focus your practice.

Smart Practice

Use our smart practice algorithm so that you can focus on solving problems rather than finding problems to solve.


What do I get when I upgrade?

You get access to all 103 premium questions, filtering based on firm, division and position (see below) and Smart Practice (see below).

How does the filter by firm, division and position work?

We collect information on interviews conducted at different firms, divisions and positions. This is made available to you when you upgrade to better see what questions you may encounter in your own interviews.

How does the Smart Practice work?

This feature is still in beta. However, the idea is that based on the job you are going for (firm/division/position/key words in the job description), your background (education/years of work experience/key words on resume) and you performance on questions as you work through them, the smart practice feature will overweight questions that are more worth your time to practice for a given interview and underweight those that are not as relevant.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. After cancelling your subscription, your upgrade status will remain until the end of the period.