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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to prepare for a quant finance interview?

Yes! Landing a quant job is challenging as you are competing against a talented group of people wanting a lucrative and intellectually stimulating career. Preparing for your interviews is an absolute must and we can help you do it.

What is a quant interview actually like?

Quant finance interviews come in all shapes and sizes. Broadly speaking, there will be the non-quant part and the quant part. We focus mainly on preparing you for the quant part. There you will encounter questions related to quantitative finance, statistics, math, economics, corporate finance, CS, data science, financial accounting and brainteasers. To be successful, you will need to give insights to open endend quant finance questions, code out a live programming solution, solve a probability question and show knowledge about the financial markets.

How many quant finance interview questions are available to me?

We currently have 83 free questions and 103 paying questions. We are adding new questions everyday. A key to your success will be to practice as much as you can and we provide you with plenty of opportunity to do so.

How do these questions compare to free solutions elsewhere on the internet?

The questions are similar in nature, however we have removed the nuisances of finding such questions, throwing out the irrelevant onces (they are too brief, are not really questions that makes sense, they don't actually get asked, etc.), providing solutions, removing duplicate questions.

How do these questions compare to the quant finance interview books I can find on amazon?

Again, questions are similar in nature. I believe the questions are more up-to-date and more relevant. We also provide a better way to zone into practicing the questions that get you the most bang for your buck based on where you are interviewing.

What kind of background should I have to find this platform useful?

The questions here are geared towards landing jobs in quantitative finance at the junior or mid-level. If you have an undergrad in engineering, math, econ, computer science or finance disciplines and are interested in quant finance roles, this is the place for you. If you have a masters degree in finance, financial engineering, computational finance etc. this is the place for you. If you have a PhD in physics, mathematics or computer science, this is the place for you.